CAD-Points explained

What areCAD-Points?

Here at our mission is to get you the tools you need to become a fantastic computer aided design artist (ahemmm CAD-artist) in a fun and supportive environment. We realize that it takes time and dedication, therefore we include an incentive driven CAD-points system that encourages you to come back to our site often to learn, explore, be inspired and get involved in our community.

How to earnCAD-Points?

When you first log into your account you will see your starting balance. Each time you earn points you will see a quick little pop up cloud on the top right corner announcing your new CAD-points. There are several different ways that you can earn CAD-points: The easiest and automatic way of earning CAD-points is to log into your account daily and watch your video courses. You can also earn points for reading our blog and posting comments. These comments have to be approved, but as long as you are not a spammer and your comments are related to the blog post you should be fine. During special events which are posted in the community calendar, we will offer more CAD-points for certain tasks. We will have social networking challenges that let you post your work online and we will give CAD-points to you for that. We are working out a way to create a Donation system, so soon let’s say you become popular on our forum for being nice, smart, funny, helpful and just being an awesome member… people can donate CAD-points to you directly.

How to spendCAD-Points?

CAD-points can be spent on accessing special feature videos that you might be interested in. These videos could be inspirational, quick tips, behind the scene videos and don’t have to be in your  “À La Carte” level. You can save your CAD-points and use a lump sum on a 1 month trial of another “À La Carte” level.* Occasionally we might have special Fashion Related auctions were the cost is payable in CAD-points. We might invite you to live online courses and take CAD-points as currency. And ooohhh yeaaah CAD-points for CAD-files, of course every now and then you might want to download a special fashion flat sketch, trim, fabric, graphic that isn’t part of your regular course files.

Reward tiers:

To be announced soon.

Stay posted as we are sure to come up with more ideas on how to earn and spend your CAD-points on

 * One trial month per person, per level.
All CAD-points options are subject to change and determination at the sole discretion of at any time.