Splatters and antique stains for apparel graphics


  • while it is past midnight, i thought it would be interesting to post about the preparations for tomorrow’s webinar. i have been in absolute zen mode painting and splattering like a little child


  • then i went on a treasure hunt to find anything that resembles antique stains and have been delighted to find these around the house.  and of course they came from one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home, one of our many book cabinets.

in class we are i am planning  to take the splatters into photoshop and make them into vectors to save them as paths and make selections that will roughen up some graphic symbols.  and for the brush strokes… mmhh maybe create some romantic borders after defining them as brushes??

I will try and get the my students to share some of their work and post it here.

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