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How to design brand style – boards.
Create brand recognition through strong visuals

TIME: 2 Hours 04 Minutes LEVEL: Beginner -Intermediate

Standing out while creating a consistent visual statement !Gain your customer's trust and confidence in working or purchasing your products from you.

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Video Impact in Social Media Presentation

Format: Worksheets, Slideshow of Presentation

You Know You Need Video To Connect With Your Audience! This presentation and worksheets will provide an extra incentive to you to start creating videos to promote yourself or your business.


Tech Packs with Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design

TIME: 2 Hours 47 Minutes LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced

Feel prepared to sent production out for different design details, packaging, graphic, and textile call outs. Learn what could be expected and don't get caught by surprise.

what-goes-inside-fashion-tech-packs in illustrator

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