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Fashion Design

  • Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Designers Flat sketching (most popular fashion course)
  • Tech Packs in excel and in Adobe Illustrator 
  • Adobe Photoshop for Fashion Designers               Mock up catalogs, mood boards, and more
  • Fashion Croquis in Adobe Illustrator 
  • Create Brushes And Prints For Garment   Details With Adobe Illustrator And Online Tools



Textile Design

  • Textile Design Master: Techniques in Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop for Fashion 
  • Adobe Textile Designer plugin for Photoshop
  • Color indexing in Photoshop


Branding & Social Media Presence

  • How to design brand style - boards 
  •  Plan 30 days of Instagram post in one Photoshop file and export 30 perfect squares for each day of the month in "one save". 

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Exercise files

The files that are used during the demonstration are all included. Take apart and make your learning experience even more hands on with the original content created and used by your instructor



Templates for faster workflow are priceless: such as Setting up and maintaining tech packs or maintaining Printable color tables for color matching



Special Surprises

Whether it is a invitation to a live event in person or online, a quick behind the scenes tip, design resources and goodies, you'll just have to see.

The results speak for themselves:

What do the results look like in action? Read below to hear what others have to say and find the inspiration that helps you decide on the course of action you want to take today.

Elizabeth O'Malley

Technical Designer

Training for all

Thank you for our Illustrator lesson, laughs, fun, and talking last night!

My flat sketches are now on fire.

I walked right into my supervisor's office this morning to talk to her about training! She's going to push for a budget for the design team to get training; they are more likely to get approved, which will help the tech-team and our patternmakers to get approved later on.

Chooses to remain Anonymous

Costume Designer

Develop technical skills and support creative process

I met Ludmila at a FIDM workshop and was immediately taken by her ability to so clearly articulate and demonstrate to the group the many different ways one can use Photoshop. Because of this, I was excited to take a private lesson! I appreciated how much thought and consideration she had put into planning for our private lesson.

Ludy walked me through everything I wanted to learn more about drawing costume design illustrations digitally and did everything she could to empower me to use Photoshop and other tools I would have never heard about if she hadn't told me about them. I appreciated how all of the big-picture learning objectives were broken down into smaller tasks and lessons so that I had the opportunity to soak everything in.

I recommend Fashion Chalkboard to anyone looking to develop their technical skills to support their creative process.

Marina Rahlin

Associate Designer

Techniques, tools, useful shortcuts and more!

Ludmila is such a great instructor; she is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge with others! I learned so much from her. Illustrator and Photoshop techniques, tools, useful shortcuts, and more! I use what I learned from her every day as a fashion designer.

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How does the video training inside of FSCHBD-Studio work? 

How long will it take to learn Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop?

What version of Photoshop/ Illustrator will I need?

Does the training work on my computer (PC/ Mac compatible)? 

Do I need Illustrator and/or Photoshop on my computer? 

Do I need internet on my computer to train with you and view the video courses?

Here’s what people are saying about Ludmila's work and coaching

LinkedIn testimonials going back to 2010, oh my!

Nina May

Freelance designing and licensing for the Toy, Home Decor, and Fashion industries

Efficiency and confidence

I have taken part in many of Ludmila's
on-line courses and live webinar series. The Illustrator and Photoshop classes in particular have been tremendously helpful for
my Textile Design business this year.

With the many new skills and short-cuts I have learned, I have been able to work more efficiently
and land many new clients. I highly recommend and Ludmila as a valuable tool for all designers looking to develop their skills and confidence.

Steffani Lincecum

Author/ Illustrator/ Designer

Remember CD-Roms? 

I had purchased Adobe Illustrator CS4 and some other on-line training, but when I found Ludmila's Tutorial, "Adobe Illustrator CS4 Bootcamp Video for Fashion Designers"

I bought it immediately because it was so specific to what I wanted to illustrate. Ludmila's teaching style and the way the information is presented improved my drawings drastically in a few short days. 

She shows you exactly how to arrange the work-space using only the tools that you'll need for your type of illustration, and specific information about line sheets and using layers to create documents meant for various vendors or clients. 

When I had a question, she was very approachable and helpful. 

Great teacher, great website, great product!

Heather Black

Design Director

Creative and concise

Ludmila was an incredible instructor; without her teaching style and expertise I would not have had the technical know-how needed in my current position as design director of an accessory company. I strongly recommend her class to anyone ready and willing to learn in a creative and concise manner.


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