Summary of Adobe Max 2011 – Announcements that excite the Fashion Designer

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After having a week to digest and sort out the “way out” geeky from the need to share information, I decided to talk about the following:

  • 1.Today I am sharing a quick video with news about upcoming mobile apps that we can use to increase our workflow and combining it with our creative “shopping trips”.  In the video you’ll see some images and tips for the amazing apps that are coming out and that will be compatible with Android and Ipad in 2012.Price-point info is in the video along with some inspiration, useful tips and a sneak peak announcement about possible future Photoshop feature that was only available to Adobe Max attendees…  Once you finish the video read the description of the app pictures in my gallery for more info (scroll down). And while down there, let  me know which app you would like to play with right away… ?
    The Collage app is absolutely amazing, you can clean up and extract images from the background with loose drawings in green for defining the keep area and red to define the delete (hide) area.
    You can search for images online sorted by color like in google’s image search. Let’s say you need a image of a button, you can search for button and then say now show only red buttons. Pretty sweet.

    One “catch” that I noticed while playing with the apps and asking  a lot of questions during the show was that  you can only save layered files that are compatible with your Illustrator & Photoshop application when you store and import the files through Adobe’s new cloud service. The Adobe Creative Cloud is a mix of storage (access files from anywhere and any device), online software services in addition to the app for tablets and community. The price point for this service has not yet been announced and will have different tiers, based on how much storage which software you will want to use.  LUCKY me, as a Adobe Max 2011 attendee I will receive a free year trial beginning in early 2012. I will report back about details then. The running joke was that we all will  get “hooked on the Cloud” by the end of the year and won’t be able to live without it.

  • 2. Next week I will answer the questions of the 3 winners. They already know who they are and have been answered privately, but I thought you might want to learn about some answers as well.


4 thoughts on “Summary of Adobe Max 2011 – Announcements that excite the Fashion Designer”

  1. And the conversation continued on LinkedIn and other places: Jennifer A • I would definitely use the Photoshop App and also the collage one sounds really great, do you have any more images at all?

    Jennifer A • And depending on the extent of the photo shop features I would say that £9.99 is reasonable, if it holds a lot of the photoshop features.
    3 hours ago• Like

    Ludmila Adams • Hi Jennifer,

    Here is a link to collage page at for more pics

    Here is a link to Photoshop touch:

    But most importantly you can see them in action in these videos on Adobe tv:

    Hope that helps. By the way I hope the pricing is less for you, as it’s $9.99 in the USA.

  2. Hi Ludmila Thanks for the update on how Adobe is coming out with new apps for the tablets out there. I like the idea of the quick sketch app. MJ

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