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Video and download – Week 15 – Beginner – How to flip and reflect brushes in Illustrator for scalloped edges along flat sketch edges – 52 weeks Adobe Illustrator for fashion design series

Does your Illustrator brush give you a hard time when you have to reflect it to the other side of your flat sketch? Sometimes we don’t notice this until our brush has two different edges and the reflected copy comes out upside down. In this week’s tutorial I am explaining how to fix this with two different methods. You can view the video on my youtube channel or after the jump here on the blog. This week’s free download comes with a dress flat sketch, a brush in 3 color ways, and a print in 2 colorways as well and these are available for download and for taking apart in the Free Member area (click here).
flat sketch template long sleeve dress with scalloped lace edge brush Continue reading

Fashion Design graphics and brushes

photoshop class for fashion design:
  • you can download 2 brush files here:  download glamour buttons & download heart button brushes
  • so we did a little bit of splattering images or rather symbols that are right inside of photoshop, we used the splatters that I created with watercolor and the stains from my book cabinet.
  • we made a selection of the splatters and turned them into working paths, which we then used to create selections to color or delete parts of the symbols.
illustrator class for fashion design:
  • here I gave these images to play with:
  • finally we  created fashion brushes and seamless prints with the help of new tools like live trace and blob brushes and eraser tool:
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