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Have you tried distressing your flat looking technical denim flat sketches inside of Illustrator? It's quite easy by adding a little bit of a wash to it. Here are the step by step instructions or watch the video below: To see the results, make sure you have a denim swatch or flat sketch with denim underneath. You can also use a sold blue, but that doesn't let you see the real effect. In Adobe Illustrator: Step 1. Use your Ellipse tool to draw an oval. Use a white fill and no stroke. Step 2. Select the oval with the selection tool. Step 3. Go to Effect> Blur> Gaussian Blur  Step 4. Click on the Preview button in the Gaussian Blur options Step 5. Slide the Radius slider a little at a time from the left (no blur) to the right (a lot of blurs) to see the effect Step 6. You can press OK when you are satisfied with the result You can view the video on my youtube channel or after the jump here on the blog. This week's free download comes with a denim pant flat sketch, a wash for you to pick apart, and a seamless denim swatch in 3 colorways. These are available for download and for taking apart in the Free Resouce Vault (click here). flat sketch template long sleeve dress with scalloped lace edge brush