Choosing a web browser that makes your creative life easier

I am regularly surrounded by a great many computers, whether it is during classes at the community college where I teach or during lab sessions at conferences that I go to. I started noticing that there is a difference between which web browsers computer geeks like myself are using and what many Fashion Designers are using.

The most important reasons to use a good web-browser are: * Speed * Customization * Organization * Security

As Fashion Designers are more concerned about what fabric, colors and trims to use rather than what web browser to use, I thought it is a good idea to make them aware of some other choices that are available to them. Many Fashion Designers are using the web browser that comes pre- installed on their laptop or computer, meaning that if they have a MAC they are using Safari to surf the web and PC users use Internet Explorer.

Two more choices to consider are google chrome and my preferred choice which is called Firefox. I started using Firefox about 3 years ago and noticed that the load time for web pages sped up dramatically and it allows me to smoothly hop around  the Internet without stalling. You can install any of the 2 additional options for free right here:

* Firefox

* Chrome

I also like Firefox’s fun feature called persona, which let’s me customize the look of my web browser according to my taste. Currently there are over 35000 personas I am currently using glitzyglitter.

You can install any persona here

In addition to being able to speed up the load time of pages and customizing my browser I  started using Xmarks, which is a plug in to any of the 4 web browsers that allows me to efficiently bookmark sites on my computer and them access these bookmarks from any computer around the world. I can access the bookmarks right inside my web browser and additionally these bookmarks are saved through my free account on Xmarks website and I never have to worry about loosing them. Which unfortunately happened to me once, when an old laptop with many bookmarks died and could not be recovered. Now I create new bookmarks daily, capturing websites that inspire teach and entertain me, without worrying about loosing them.

You can install Xmarks right here.