Great new courses already available to my all access members

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My website currently only advertises and shows access to 6 courses, but all access members can access 2 more (8 full courses total).

Both of these assume that you already worked your way through the beginner courses

and are ready to progress to the next level.

I am including some visuals from the create your product course, which will teach

you how to create a book, games, printed textile fabrics, screen prints & Laser cut jewelry


Here are the titles of different courses and examples of some of the episodes inside (even though there is much more):

  •  Create your product (non – Fashion)

Session 2 Videos

  • * Part 3 Screen printing supplies & where to print your fabric, separating colors in Photoshop 17:02
  • * Part 4 Learn textile design secrets, seamless tile set up in Illustrator and Photoshop and plugins that you will love 27:41
  •  Adobe ® Photoshop ® for Fashion graphics, water colors, fonts and textiles 
  • Part 1 Color inspiration inside of Photoshop and Online 7:34
  • Part 2 Create a seamless pattern tile and use colors from inspiration 17:10
  • Part 3 Create a custom colortable and a color index 12:07

 To find out more about our all access option for $35/ month or an amazing $300/  year click right here & scroll down and there click on Compare our subscription options and benefits right here ( you’ll have to scroll again, sorry I have to fix that)


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