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Happy new year courageous creative, I hope you slid (that's what we say in Germany) well into 2019, and are ready to tackle any intentions that surfaced as crucial to you.

Last year, while I was creating refresher courses (for the FIDM Alumni department) and new content here like the Freemium Studio courses, I was questioning myself and debated when I was finally going to let the courses be finished so I could share it.
To decide something is completed lies within my power. Yet there have been many times that I've been wrestling with the illusion of perfectionism to stop myself from moving forward.

While I was creating courses and Freemiums, I was wondering whether you too had thought about perhaps building a new portfolio or whether there were other projects personal or passion projects that are still lingering around collecting real or digital dust. You know, projects remaining stuck in the unfinished stages?
This got me thinking that I could share a couple of valuable snippets of encouragement, newly found awareness, and resources on how to complete more of what's on your plate and restore some balance in your life.
I know I know productivity is a huge buzzword and that is not what I'm talking about at all. I'm advocating serenity here, so what I am talking about is more about a shift in perception. In this blog post, I am sharing some powerful tips that have helped me complete more and feel satisfied at the end of each day. From not reading uninteresting books all the way to the end without feeling guilty, to finally getting that portfolio polished (hint;0 ).

Here is a book that I stumbled across online by Martha Ringer  called Complete. Done. Finished. 
I am posting a couple of images here to not take away too much of what this powerful book has taught me. Let me just say that it is informative and visually pleasing. The visuals lend to the calm feeling of having a choice in the matter of completion.

complete done finish digital book by martha ringer


Phrases and key thoughts/ concept that have helped me to complete more:

  • The book that I mention above introduced the concept of deciding that something is done means that it is done. Such a simple concept that blew my mind. How many times have I thought that I needed to actually finish a project, finish reading a book, or stick with a project just because at one point I decided that I wanted to do it. I am clearly allowed to change my mind and just decide that it is done. That is also a form of completion.  
  • The cost of switching context (focus) is a concept that I have heard over and over again and didn't really want to accept. But I have come across it so many times now and I guess it finally is starting to sink in thanks to a visual representation by Todd Herman of the cost to me when doing this. I'll post a video by him below. Who knows maybe you'll dig deeper into this concept too

Here are two phrases that are on my walls these days in regards to completion:

better done than good 
My B- is someone else's A+++

Both of these sentences remind me that perfectionism is really just another form of procrastination. I talk about that in the portfolio checklist. If you are struggling with time flying by and need faster workflows or completing a revamped portfolio join me in the FSCHBD Studio where you can always find helpful courses and kits in the Freemium section. I am sharing more tools that I have learned to use below.

complete done finish digital book by martha ringer

Tools that have helped me:

  • Bullet journaling (it's not really journaling) to create my own checklist for different phases of the day. Please let me know if you would like me to create a video around this?
  • Using a timer to track hours spent on focused work. And to not forget to take breaks (water, food, you know... living)
  • Listening to music. I have instrumental playlists for focused work that needs me to concentrate on words (like writing blog posts) and then I have other playlist just to get my energy (and sometimes courage) back up.

Here is the video on context switching that I mentioned:

So this suffices from my end for now. As always I would love to hear from you. Any enlightened aha moments that you want to share with me that helped you reach completion more often? Email me or share in the comments of the blog. Remember to join me in the Studio for checklists and speedy workflow tips and tricks ~ you can always find them in the Freemium section.

By for now,
You Compassionate Creativity Coach

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