top new adobe creative tools for fashion designers

mighty pen napoleon ruler

i am still at adobemax 2013 today, but here is a quick roundup on the top 4 creative tools that i am exited about for the apparel industry in regards to adobe programs and now hardware. please let me know what you think and share with me what you would like to see improved or what is your fav new feature?

Digital pen a nd ruler from adobe

  • photoshop cc and ipad (cloud based) de blurr (camera shake) function 


  •  illustrator cc touch type, this is more for the graphic related functions.. but be amazed… 
  • for us color fans; also notable a future kuler app that allows you to pick. create color palettes in the world around you via app on phone/ photo to sync to cloud ready to work with your favorite adobe software.


  • there are also new illustrator bitmap enabled brushes that will be very helpful. but i am even more excited about the fact that illustrator will now give you several automatically created options for corner tiles, you can preview them and use them right away with your brushes.. for example on chains or complex stitching…

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