How to use Adobe Sparks – Create beautiful graphics, webpages, and video stories – in minutes

how-to-use adobe spark course


Pick one or all three parts of the live online workshop. Receive lifetime video access (you don't have to attend live).More details in bonus section.

Already using your cell phone and/ or tablet to email and to take photos on the go? Learn how to use Adobe Spark to create beautiful content across varying social media channels. Best of all you can get started for free, or if you already subscribe to the Adobe Cloud start using the premium features now. 

When: Thursdays (April 2018) at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Live online workshop.  

Learn all three apps of the Spark family (or just one): Spark Post, Spark Video, and Spark Page. 

Built your custom course by choosing one, two, or all three parts. 

  • Part 1: Spark Post - Make graphics & photo collages for all social media channels in minutes. (Live online on 4/5/18 or via video access starting in May 2018) 

  • Part 2: Spark Video - Make video stories in minutes with audio. (Live online on 4/12/18 or via video access starting in May 2018)

  •  Part 3: Spark Page - Make web pages & presentations (Live online on 4/19/18 or via video access starting in May 2018) 

Scroll below for detailed course content, visuals, and ideas on how to use Adobe Spark in your business.

Learn more and sign up for the workshop here.

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Bonuses - Participants will receive:

+ Bonus 1 Receive content planner sheets with concrete prompts on what to post on social media. Easily customizable content to fit your needs. Includes monthly and weekly social media posts inspiration.

+ Bonus 2 Receive lifetime access to the videos of the course.

Level of difficulty:
- Easy  

Software used:
-  Adobe Spark (free/ premium)

 Course content - In this live - online + on-demand workshop you will learn how to:


Part 1: Spark Post 

  • Style suggestions (learn how to test varying looks in seconds)
  • Resize your graphics for all social media accounts with a click
  • Create banner, grid and simple layouts options in seconds
  • Customize spacing and background colors in a snap
  • Apply simple animations to your graphics

Part 2: Spark Video

  • Start from a theme
  • Start from scratch
  • Add icons, photos, videos and music
  • Add narration
  • Apply captions
  • Create simple text animation on top of video
  • Create split video and graphic layouts
  • Explore different uses of video for your business

Part 3: Spark Page

Explore different uses of video for your business

  • Create pages with your own images and graphics
  • Create pages from a styled theme
  • Find images immediately from within Adobe Page
  • Add functional buttons to linked content
  • Embed video content
  • Easy and beautiful photo grids
  • Create full page photos with text overlays
  • Create glideshows (yes, not slideshows) to showcase stories with block quotes, images, text, videos, graphics, and links
  • Explore different uses of Spark - Page for your business