Using Illustrator and Photoshop to create a product

This week my create your product and sell your product webinar sessions were off to a great start. To get the webinar participants excited about the 4 weeks of intense sessions I show them the many possibilities I do a quick preview of the product creation websites that we are going to learn to work with. Anyone that has Illustrator and Photoshop skills can create and sell a professional looking product.

The greatest thing about these websites is that there is almost never a minimum so you can test it out with one sample.

Create your Product in Illustrator and Photoshop

During the live sessions participants can ask questions and many do, but a lot of times participants opt to simply watch the step by step training videos. My favourite session is the create your own textiles & screen print ready files.  To find out more about the content of the 4 different sessions click here.

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