Video and download – Week 14 – Advanced – How to distribute and align objects around a circle in Illustrator – 52 weeks Adobe Illustrator for fashion design series

Today we are going to use a method to create a even distribution of any one or multiple object around a circle. This comes in handy when we create elaborate designs, trims and layouts for our fashion flat sketching in Illustrator. I dare you to try and do this manually. You can view the video on myyoutube channel or after the jump here on the blog. This week’s free download comes with a flat sketch, two brushes, one is a stretch stitch brush and the other is a rasterized rhinestone brush and these are available for download and for taking apart in the Free Member area (click here).

flat sketch jumper overall pantsuit with rhinestones free download template

This Video is marked Advanced. Do you agree or was it too easy?

I am going to post a blooper on my instagram of today’s recording. I crack myself up with this mistake I made.. come join and laugh with me here:
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