Video Fashion Design process from idea to finished garment – Designer Eva Franco

Today I am sharing this great quick lovely video by Los Angeles Fashion Designer Eva Franco who let’s us peak into her studio and follow along her design process.


The process started due to an small spill of safety pins on a table, that then became a print idea.  This is the part that intrigued me the most as it seams so simple, layout, scan and then make it a Photoshop seamless repeat. But we did not come up with EVA did.

Eva then walks us through her draping, flat sketching, pattern making, sewing and final result on fit model and in look book. All in 1:58 minutes. Thank you for sharing Eva.

Eva Franco on the Design Process from Eva Franco on Vimeo.
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  • Thanks for sharing! love your print and designs. Especially when they are made domestically:)

    • Ludmilaadams

      Hi Susan,
      The credit for this design goes to Fashion Designer Eva Franco. I love all that you mention as well. Thanks for reading.

  • Dubonnora

    Absolutely Inspirational….. I too hope to be a U.S.A made Fashion Designer.
    Any advise on how to start?

  • Barbaral57

    I loved the safety pin allover print!

  • Maria Wahlgren

    A really cool print and inspirational way of creating it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Runningsewlong

    I love it!!!