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You know you need video to connect with your audience!

This presentation and worksheets will provide an extra incentive to you to start creating videos to promote yourself or your business.

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Here is what's inside:

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    56-page PDF of the slide show that was used during a live Social Media Saturday event held for FIDM Alumni in Los Angeles
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    Brainstorming worksheets full of inspiration to get you started now
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    Links to online resources to start creating professional videos to use in your social media content
  • Slideshow and worksheets in pdf format
  • Links to resources to start creating and editing video 
why you need video in social media worksheets and motivation

Sample Page previews of the Slide show PDF:


Page #48

use what you have to create video

Turn what you already have into your video studio


Page #11

Video to boost search results

Understand Visibility and how to get found 


page #35

what platform is right for your video content

Dive into the different platforms and make decisions that work for your audience


Page #41

video creation myths busted

No more excuses! Myths will be busted with actionable advice that you can implement right away.

Videos rank higher than images in search results

The importance of video for social media is undeniable. But it can become daunting and overwhelming to decide on the right platform and video types for sharing. Let me bust top myths around video content creation, and get you motivated and started in planning your first or next video content right away.

What You'll Discover in presentation:


The most humble beginnings are good enough

Learn that you probably have everything you need to get started right away.  Just begin.


How video content boosts your visibility 

combine strong wording with video content and get found by your customers.


What platform and what length of video is right for you

The length of the video and the platform go hand in hand. Seeing it in an listed overview takes out the decision fatigue. But first decide where your audience hangs out. Learn how to dig a little deeper and find out.


Easy step by step outline to get started

You can create videos! learn how create templates to start a Rhythm and discipline around creating video content over and over again. 


built your lists

Create a call to action. that will result in your videos working 24-hours on growing your e-mail list.


Establish trust and authority

Learn how to Use what you already know to create video content.

Crush it with digital design!

Vector design in Adobe Illustrator is the most efficient and most effective medium for communicating your ideas from concept to product. Now it's time for you to benefit from it.

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