Video Tutorial- New features in Illustrator CS5 recorded during live webinar

During a May 2010 webinar session for FIDM Alumni, I promised to quickly cover new features of the Illustrator CS5 software. The webinar was an Intermediate – Advanced Illustrator techniques class geared towards offering creative solutions to creating graphics, textiles and custom fonts in Illustrator for fashion designers. The new features covered in the video are:

* bristle brushes

combined with the “draw inside” feature

* perspective drawing

* beautiful strokes

Alright,  I am about to do something that I always tell my students not to do. And that is… explain why something isn’t as perfect as I would like it to be.. Seriously, while on the job do not do it! Your boss and colleagues might not even notice that something wasn’t perfect or to your best abilities. But I figured I would like to share this video with you, but please know that I had only installed CS5 on my computer the day before and with a sort of arrogance assuming that by having watched the CS5 tutorial videos that have been circulating online I would be able to do it all without a problem… wrong (see part about the perspective drawing)

Okay enough excuses here is the video it is 16 minutes long so feel free to skip through:

New features in Illustrator CS5 recorded during live webinar from ludmila adams on Vimeo.

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