Video – Week 6 – 52 weeks Adobe Illustrator for fashion design series – How to create a fringe along an angles seam line on flat sketch

Fringe is in, once again, and just in case you work in the apparel industry long enough to see it circle around as a trend once more, let’s practice how to create some interesting fringe edge hemline in Illustrator that is on an angle. You can watch the video on our blog below or on our youtube channel. The files  that I am using in the video are available for download and for taking apart in the Free Member area (click here). 

Week 6 free fashion flat sketch fringe edge dress angled hemline


This Video is marked EASY. Already know how to create a fringe edge with the blend tool in Adobe Illustrator? Well, did you also know how to use the bloat and pucker tool on it to give it some movement? Ok, then I’ll see you again next time, or leave me a question below.


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