Video – Week 7 – 52 weeks Adobe Illustrator for fashion design series – How to create a box pleat brush for a flat sketch

Box pleat brushes can be used year around in many different ways in fashion design. Whether it is on a short skirt in summer or on a long woolen dress in the winter time. Learn how to create a brush and the tiny tricks to fix little annoyances such as lines or gaps and openings. Learn how to reuse components to make different styles of box pleats. You can watch the video on our blog below or on our youtube channel. The files  that I am using in the video are available for download and for taking apart in the Free Member area (click here).

Week 7 free fashion flat sketch box pleat brush adobe illustrator

This Video is marked INTERMEDIATE. You really only need to watch the first 5 minutes to create the box pleat brush. Jump to 5 min and watch to 7 min to see how to fix gap problems. And if you just want some tips on how to create finished sides or varieties of brushes jump right to 7:47 and enjoy the quick tips. Already know how to create a box pleat brush and create a multitude of different styles of flat sketches with them in Adobe Illustrator? If yes, then I can’t wait to hear from you. Do me a favor if you stumble across a question while working, write it up right away and send it my way. Can even be a simple photo of your hand scribbled question. I’d appreciate it.

Feeling inspired after watching the videos, use the tip and share some visuals with me on Instagram at #flatsketch52.

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