Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar – Watercolor in Photoshop

Finally having a moment to play with my new Wacom Intous tablet, I used a new Photoshop CS5  feature which can turn any image into a watercolor painting.

It is quite a relaxing experience. It takes a while because you have so many options from which bristle brush to use, how wet your brush is, which color to mix in and you can undo any little smudges that you don’t like. Unlike in real life watercolor paintings.

Scroll down for images of the process. I took the painting into Illustrator to create some additional intricate artwork with it.

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When: Friday, March 11, 2011 12:30 PM – 12:50 PM PST
What will you learn? Hopefully we will be able to do all the below in one session but just in case we run out of time I broke it down into 2 parts. Part 1: * Render your scanned hand doodles into watercolor painting * Use the brand new brush features in Photoshop CS5 Part 2: * Make the artwork editable in Illustrator for special effects Receive the files after webinar!
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