What is the Cut & Paste event?

Give them Illustrator, Photoshop, other software, a brief to follow, music, an live audience, a time limit and you have a competition that will be educational and fun. Yesterday, I saw a tiny little add on facebook.com about the yearly Cut & Paste event in Los Angeles. Every year since 2005 I missed it for some reason or another, so this time I had to go! And I am glad that I went. Among a nice, like minded, geeky audience, good music and an open bar 3 hours of quick paced competitions were fun to watch. Additionally one of the sponsors “Converse” held a drawing contest of which I will post some images in another post. Cut & Paste live event 2D round 1Learn illustrator and photoshop at the Cut & Paste live event 2D round 1Cut & Paste live event 2D round 2Cut & Paste live event 2D finalistsCut & Paste live event 2D finalistsCut & Paste live event 2D finalistsCut & Paste live event 2D finalistsCut & Paste live event 2D Winner

For those of you who do not know what this event is about here is a brief summary: The annual Cut & Paste live event, is a competition that challenges digital designers to create artwork within a limited time-frame sitting on stage in-front of a live audience. They are giving a brief… (see videos), then compete to create most creative artwork in 2D or 3D and win a prize at the end of the evening. The winner of the night will then participate in the final event that brings together competitors from around the world.

Create a yearbook layout with the theme “Frienemy”. Frienemy refers to any enemy that you have to be friendly with.

Create any tutorial of your choice

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