Representing the Fashion Industry at adobe max

Sweepstakes! What would you change in Illustrator or Photoshop? Fashion designers opinions wanted?

Update! I closed the blog entries at this time. Thank you for reading.

Fashion designers! What are the most troubling issues that you have had or are having with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop? What would you add inside of either software to fix it? Get an answer from the creators of Illustrator and Photoshop the “Adobe Team”**.


I am interested to find out. The most interesting 3 questions will receive a 3 months all access pass to our video courses.

How to enter? Simply type your question in our blog comments below, sign in with any of your social media accounts, and we need to do this quickly.. let’s say before noon (PST) on 10/3/2011.

All Access pass for illustrator and photoshop training for fashion

  • It’s that time of the year again where I am going completely geek for a week and will spend long days at a conference that is called Adobe Max in Los Angeles.Adobe max lounge 2010 Read more about Adobe Max right here. In short  “Adobe Max brings together top designers, developers, and business minds to explore the future of digital experiences and stay at the forefront of the multiscreen revolution”. A mouth full, but its true!  Last year Martha Stewart presented her first digital magazine issue to us, during the Keynote speech.  Motorola’s CEO (?) came on stage and gave a speech and then we all receive a free android phone and on the next day.. Google gave us all a free Google T V box.. Sweet! Oh yeah, the year before we all gracefully accepted water-bottles.
Representing the Fashion Industry at adobe max
  • At Adobe Max I will be able to find out what’s new and what will happen in the future with these programs (sometimes also the past check out my entry on Photoshop history exhibit), the Adobe team is there to listen and is genuinely interested in our opinion.. truth is I have not yet bumped into another apparel person there… mostly Photographers, Webdesigners, Graphic Designers and developers of apps and such tech things.
  • Guess what, the software is going to cater to those who are actively involved.. so let’s okay? Hey you might even win our all access pass!
The team behind Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Here are some of the great Adobe team members, I am going to point our the 2 that are responsible for Photoshop as below you’ll see who is responsible for Illustrator. Alright the nice gentleman sitting in the middle is  BRYAN O’NEIL HUGHES Senior Product Manager and the lady next to him is ZORANA GEE, Product Manager and Co-author of 3D in Photoshop.  
  • Check out this website called and you’ll see some more amazing “Adobe people” there. I had the pleasure of sitting right next to JULIEANNE KOST and ask her some questions about the color index in Photoshop that has (in my opinion) so much potential but isn’t there yet in comparison to Illustrator’s recolor artwork feature. No feeling of being rushed and a sincere open ear with the occasional note taking, same with Bryan O’ Neil and David Macy (whose responsible for Illustrator).
Ludmila Adams meets Adobe team Terry Hemphill & David Macy
  • DAVID MACY, Principal Product Manager (Illustrator) at Adobe, Ludmila Adams (me) and TERRY HEMPHILL Senior Marketing Manager/Product Manager at Adobe.
Fashion designers what is the most troubling issues that you have had with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop? What would you add inside of either software to fix it? All Access pass for illustrator and photoshop training for fashion Once again: I am interested to find out. The most interesting 3 questions will receive a 3 months all access pass to our video courses.   ** I am not in any way affiliated with Adobe and the answers to your top 3 questions will most likely come from the Adobe Team. Otherwise, if the teams time does not permit, I will answer them myself. Update! I closed the blog entries at this time. Thank you for reading.
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  • TennilleEscalon

    Is there a way to give Live Trace a more simplified trace option? I would like an option to trace in single, un-filled paths, with as few anchors as possible. The effect would be like a cookie cutter shape or silhouette trace. With very few anchors creating a shape. It would be much easier to adjust the singular paths. The filled paths are difficult to adjust, because they have dual anchors at each anchor point. I usually have to delete an anchor, if any alterations are required to the traced image. I’ve tried playing with the tolerances and the various trace quality options. I can’t seem to get this effect. Hope this makes sense! 🙂 Thanks for your consideration.

  • KarlaIreland

    I would like Illustrator to preview or even draw my reflection of my garment when I work on my first 1/2 of flat sketch. Like Tukatech does when I draft my garment patten pieces.

  • LindseySonf

    Dear Adobe team,

    Why is it not possible to make Photoshop & Illustrator one software?

  • g3rocks

    Are 2d designs still in demand or we have to switch to 3d,i like using adobe photoshop n i cant go without it ,as there are quiet few softwares in 3d fashion, would adobe release one for 3d fashion

  • DeeDeeDavis

    Adobe treats surface designers as a “niche” industry. Have you found that they would listen to us if they looked at what Generation Digital is a offering as a subscription software? I am not sure if most people can afford a

    software like that every year. I would like to see more built in function for basic repeats and colorways and a plaid maker. In Illustrator, a better robust memory engine to handle complicated designs in large scale would be better.

  • maryjane

    My question to you and adobe is this: Why is it when you are doing a repeat design in illustrator and you have already created a repeat such as a stripe or dot and put that repeat on a character on their hat or shirt, etc, you have to then rasterize the hat or shirt pattern before you will be able to make your repeat of characters go into the swatches pattern? thanks MaryJane Mitchell