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Figure out your best next career move by polishing your digital skills, your mindset, align your goals with your passions and to the apparel industries' needs.
Ten years ago I started training and coaching privately and still love being able to work with individuals.


The digital world is continually changing, with new techniques, tools, and tech becoming available on a regular basis. To help design teams stay at the top of their game, I offer customizable business training packages. I’ll visit you, help uncover any possible knowledge gaps and create a course specifically for your team's needs.


Whether it is encouraging participants of a Social Media Saturday to incorporate videos into their social media strategies or inspire teenagers at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America meetings to discover the different opportunities and career paths in the fashion industry, it is a great gift to be able to share my experiences.

Ludmila (Call me Ludee)

Compassionate Creativity Coach - Formerly a Fashion +Textile (spotlighted by Adobe) Designer

✒️ I coach designers in Illustrator, Photoshop, and more
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